SIX PALM TREES: Performance


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ONE WOMAN PLAY A TREAT – Funny and sad, powerful and whimsical, with mercurial mood changes and punchy humor delivered with faultless timing. A jewel of a play.” – The Sooke Standard, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

HILARIOUS. . . often tearful . . very entertaining – The Daily Press, North Wisconsin’s Morning Newspaper

SOLID, ENTERTAINING, AN ABUNDANCE OF TALENT!  SIX PALM TREES, a splendid slice of work. –The County Telegram Tribune, San Luis Obispo, California

HILARIOUS, MOVING FAMILY TALE . . . tightly paced. . . snappy one liners . . funny script . . delicious absurdities – The Globe & Mail, Canada’s National Newspaper

FULL OF ENERGY AND TALENT . . . funny,poignant and convincing – The Cambrian, Central Coast, California

ZANY. . .  GUTSY . . high powered, moving and totally convincing – Coast News, The Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

CHARMING AND WITTY . . . warm, funny and undeniably honest – The Edmonton Sun, Alberta

WHEN HICKS GETS DOWN TO THE NITTY GRITTY – about life at mealtime and the hand-me-down clothing cycle, and especially how Annie had to vie with her 13 siblings for parental affection, and what that did to her psyche as an adult – the show zings with painful, touching insights. – The San Francisco Chronicle

ONE OF THE PERFORMANCES TO ATTRACT LARGE CROWDS WAS ‘SIX PALM TREES’  – This irreverent look back at childhood walked an intriguing thin line between stand-up comedy and soul-searching, confessional drama, as Hicks drew a touching contrast between the comedy of sibling rivalry and the struggle for individual recognition in a large family. – CHQM – Vancouver, at The Women in View Festival

ONE WOMAN SHOW A TOUCHING SUCCESS . . .hilarious. . .inventive. . . This is a winsome show, and I don’t doubt you’ll laugh. The Edmonton Journal, Alberta

MARVELOUS . . . as entertaining and moving as any similar production I’ve seen over the years in New York. I was enchanted. – The Sooke Mirror, Vancouver Island, British Columbia